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Fees & Billing

Osteopathic Manual Therapy

  • 60 minute initial assessment:

    The initial assessment includes a review of your health history and an assessment of your primary complaint. The remainder of your appointment is dedicated to treatment, discussion of treatment plan, and self-care tips.

  • 45 minute follow up:

    The 45 minute follow-up is for when you have already had an assessment of your complaint and your practitioner has suggested a series of treatments.  The session will include some reassessment and check-in regarding self-care.

  • 30 minute follow up:

    The 30 minute follow-up may be recommended if you have an acute complaint that requires more frequent treatment at the outset of healing, or if you require a quick check-in regarding a complaint that is resolved or close to resolved, or if the patient is a child.

Massage Therapy

  • 75 minutes:
  • 60 minutes:
  • 45 minutes:
  • 30 minutes:

*all fees are exclusive HST, which is charged at 15%


Please note that fees for osteopathic manual therapy and massage therapy will be increasing as of June 1, 2023. Rates for both osteopathy and massage will be as follows:

Initial Assessment $120 +HST

Follow-up 45 minutes $105 +HST

Follow-up 30 minutes $85 +HST

If you have any questions regarding this fee increase, please contact me directly.

I appreciate the opportunity to be part of your health journey.


Depending on your current health insurance or employee benefit plan, fees may be covered in full, or in-part. Please contact your provider before your first appointment to confirm your coverage for osteopathy and massage therapy. Please note that some plans may require a prescription from your medical doctor for massage therapy.

Direct Billing

Blue Cross is the only insurance provider that offers direct billing for osteopathy. Most major insurance providers do allow direct billing for massage therapy. In the event that we cannot direct bill, we will make sure that you have all of the information your require to submit your claim.

Cancellation Policy

Patients who are unable to make their appointment or need to make changes to their appointment time, are asked to provide a minimum of 24 hrs notice. A late cancellation leaves a space in the practitioner’ s day that could have been filled by another client. Patients who provide less than 24 hrs notice, barring extenuating circumstances, will be charged a cancellation fee. Please note that insurance companies will not cover missed appointments.