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Our Approach

Andrea offers osteopathic manual therapy informed by 20 years of clinical experience and ongoing education in massage therapy and osteopathy.

Treatment goals are established with the patient, to support them in regaining balance in their body, with an approach that is unique to their needs. A thorough health history will be taken and initial assessment performed to collect information that will guide treatment. When there has been an injury or insult to any structure in the body, our marvellous physiology will adapt to accommodate the stress, but at times these adaptations or compensations begin to wear out or lead to new compensations. We follow the trail provided by health history and current symptoms to find the underlying cause, which is often very surprisingly hiding in some distant structure or old long forgotten injury.

Treatments may include a combination of techniques ranging from deep tissue to the very subtle, drawn from years of practice and training in osteopathy and massage, and including: cranial-sacral, positional release, muscle energy, fascial and many others. Techniques will be chosen with the patient’s current state of health and history of injury in mind. Not every approach to treatment is best for every body, or even for any one body at all times. Just as balance and flow are important to our individual physiologies – our biomechanical, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive or neurological health – so is balance important to treatment approach. The practitioner must offer the body, and person, a treatment that is appropriate for that body at that time.